What Clients Say

This is what clients say about Your Leadership Coach.

as if by magic

Philip had such a calming presence. At the beginning of every session he intuitively sensed that I needed time to centre myself, he gave me time to work through complex emotions and always found a way to gently lead me back to the objectives of the session.

He always managed to strike just the right tone and created an environment where I felt able to have really honest conversations and dig deep to unlock really empowering insights. I trusted Philip completely. He always asked all the right questions and challenged me firmly and with such clarity. I know he has worked very hard to be a good coach, but sometimes he seemed to do it almost as if by magic.

In every single session he led me to moments of such incredible clarity, I almost literally felt my mindset change and shift. This insight will travel with me for the rest of my life. I learned how to calm my mind during periods of pressure, and focus my mind and energies on making the most positive impact on the work and people around me. I am calmer, more resilient, more confident and more focused on building strong and honest relationships all thanks to coaching.


Juliet Njeri - Deputy Managing Editor, BBC East Africa

accelerate your personal development

I feel very lucky to have had Philip as a Coach, I really enjoyed the sessions and I felt at ease and able to be completely honest.

Each session helped me to achieve the primary objective which was to improve my resilience. The sessions allowed me to dismantle my negative patterns that were holding me back, these powerful insights were invaluable for my work and surprisingly for my personal life too.

Philip helped me understand all the solutions I was searching for were ultimately within me. This really helped me find my own confidence which was very empowering.

If you get the opportunity to work with Philip jump at the chance! He will be able to work with you to accelerate your personal development which he does with such grace.

It will be the best gift you ever give yourself.


Asha McClean - Head of Post Production


Coaching has had a really positive impact on all areas of my current role and possibly my life.

Philip instantly put me at ease with his comfortable manor and approach. The sessions ran without judgment and were in the strictest confidence.

Philip and I discussed some incredibly difficult issues. I was given the opportunity to reflect and consider how to take them forward. This was achieved by the absolute talent Philip has to challenge, support and play back your own thinking.

The sessions allowed me to be confident in my approach and abilities, I feel truly empowered and have taken away some great tools in how to manage difficult situations in the future.

I can’t recommend Philip enough. Of course you get out what you put in, but if you open yourself up to the possibilities, the rewards are so worth it!


Rebecca Bashan - Head of Archives

challenging and caring

Philip’s coaching style is challenging but caring.

I was impressed how quickly he grasped the dynamics of my working environment, reflecting, excellent listening skills and critical thinking.

Philip helped me come up with practical plans for managing workload and reducing stress.


University Professor

excellent listening

I found Philip’s coaching style very helpful.

He has excellent listening skills and asks relevant and challenging questions when required.

He enabled me to draw up plans and actions to take forward.


Senior Technology Performance Lead, BBC Technology

the most practical leadership help I’ve ever had

These sessions helped change the way I look at situations at work, and helped me think differently about myself too.

If you’re time short, it can be hard to make space for your own development, but it’s really worth it.

Thanks to Philip’s un-stuffy and conversational approach, you’ll not feel uncomfortable being challenged to change your perceptions.

The sessions stay with you, and you’ll keep coming back to the conversations.

This is the most practical leadership help I’ve had in any format.


Clare Fordham - Editor, BBC Radio 5 Live

listen, challenge, reflect

Working with Philip has really improved my outlook on my working life, how I present myself and my confidence in my own career progression. It’s enabled me to remember what I’m good at, what to focus on and how to sell that to others. It’s also made me much happier in myself. Philip knows when to listen, to challenge and to reflect.

I would highly recommend Philip as a coach.


Paul Buller - Leadership and Personal Development

I found the whole experience profoundly helpful

Philip had a great approach and not only picked up on things I said but noticed how I said them, which meant surfacing things that might have otherwise remained hidden! This really made me think. I found the whole experience profoundly helpful. Philip is a very good listener, flexible and a pleasure to work with.

To be a leader in this turbulent year has meant stepping up and into facing tough situations that nobody has ever experienced. Having a coach for a period of time helped me to identify untapped strengths to help me navigate through this. The experience has been invaluable and what I have learnt will stay with me for years to come.


Ellie Runcie - Chief Design Officer

if you have an opportunity to work with Philip, jump at it!

Philip led me through my first experience of developmental coaching. He created a supportive, challenging and effective sanctuary for conversation.

A great listener, Philip was hugely perceptive and helped me to get to the core of a number of challenges. He used a range of coaching techniques and exercises to explore how I might build the best version of myself.

As a result, I have shifted the inner dialogue dial from self-doubt and self-criticism to self-belief and self-awareness. I feel much better equipped to do my job with confidence and strength.

I have no doubt the coaching conversations and subsequent impacts, will stand me in good stead over the years to come. I’d highly recommend coaching – one of the most positive development experiences I’ve had.

If you have an opportunity to work with Philip, jump at it!


Emma Dunseith - Senior Head of Content Production

thoroughly enjoyable

When I stepped up into a new role I was very lucky to be given a series of coaching sessions with Philip. The new job presented lots of challenges from the offset and Philip’s coaching was invaluable to me.

He coached me through some difficult situations and helped me to come to my own conclusions with clarity. He introduced me to many tools to manage my own anxieties and confidence which in turn has helped me to enjoy and develop in my job and helped in my management of others.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.


Finance Manager, Production Accounting

new levels of self-awareness

My coaching time with Philip was just what I needed at this point in my career. It was the perfect opportunity to reset, work through concerns and challenge some long-held behaviours and ways of thinking.

If like me you are new to coaching, it can take a little getting used to, but Philip’s open and non-judgemental manner makes it easy to adjust to the process.

The new levels of self-awareness, confidence and techniques I have learned during this process are just the beginning and I can move forward in the knowledge that I have a more solid foundation for future development. The journey through coaching would be beneficial to anyone at a crossroads in their career or simply looking for a reset or have a desire to do things differently and better.


Kara Segedin - Social Media Lead at BBC Masterbrand

incredibly valuable

This was my first experience of leadership coaching and Philip made me feel totally at ease, taking time to understand my challenges and draw out the best in me.

It was a wonderfully positive experience and an incredibly valuable. I’m enjoying putting my (now) clear strategies in place to build the performance of my team and develop my career in management.

Thanks Philip. You’re brilliant!


David Manning - Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

I’m in no doubt that the coaching has made me a better, happier leader

The coaching sessions with Philip were invaluable. They gave me clarity of thought, more confidence in making decisions and more time to think strategically.

The sessions are challenging, but having seen the big benefits personally, it’s definitely worth it-  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Philip.

I’m in no doubt that the coaching has made me a better, happier leader. Thanks so much.


Glesni Jones - Senior News Editor

totally trusted

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Philip. I totally trusted him. He helped me gain new insights about myself and my work relationships.

I’m sure the coaching will help me progress, and make me a better leader.

Five stars. Philip is a very good coach.


Jeremy Skeet - Editor, BBC Stories & Digital Current Affairs


I found Philip both attentive and helpful. He helped me put issues into perspective, and make a fairly major decision.


Deputy Leader
Local Authority

coaching is invaluable

Philip has a great approach to coaching.

I am communicating more succinctly and effectively, and my colleagues have noticed a change. I am more confident and clear on how I can best contribute to my team.

Coaching is invaluable if you want to get a fresh perspective on how you work and have chance to reflect on how you could become even more effective.


Senior Project Manager

wonderful coaching style

Philip has a wonderful coaching style that challenges your perceptions and opens your mind to new ideas and helps to solve problems that previously looked insurmountable.

I would thoroughly recommend Philip to anyone looking to improve themselves and everything around them.


Ben - Owner

safe environment

With his non-judgemental coaching style, Philip created a safe environment within which to explore the areas I wanted to improve.

He provided me with the right level of challenge and support to effect a perceptible change that has had a positive impact both personally and professionally.


Programme Manager

probing questions

Philip enabled me to reflect on my behaviours and challenges by asking probing questions which lead me to actionable outputs.


Technical Project Manager, MyBBC

will stay with me for life

I had the opportunity work with Philip during the Covid-19 crisis when the lockdown started and I had to lead my team and adjust to new way of working.

I was really stressed. With the coaching support, I was able to turn this time of uncertainty into a positive experience and discover that I was actually more calm and productive!

The biggest takeaway for me that is that coaching helped me boost my self-confidence. I am a much more confident person today.

This is something that will stay with me all my life.


Shobhana Pradhan

honest and intuitive

Philip has really opened my eyes to what coaching actually is. I love how he doesn’t give you the answers, but simply asks the right questions for you to gain the answer for yourself.

I needed to learn some techniques of how to separate myself from my business, something I am not very good at. This organic, honest and more intuitive conjuring I think is what makes it so awakening.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Philip to a professional looking at gaining some confidential coaching. It certainly helped me to focus and achieve my goals.


Cleo Lacey - Image Consultant and Personal Shopper

the most impact through coaching

Philip coached three of my senior team.

Philip definitely made the most impact through coaching of anyone I have seen. The right balance of challenge and support.


Kirsteen King - Audience Platform Delivery Manager, MyBBC

non-judgemental, calm, supportive

Philip is an excellent coach.

He actively listened to me and was able to ask the right questions to help me to think differently and come up with some solutions to move forward. He also used different and challenging coaching techniques to help me to raise my self awareness and identify my own personal values.

Philip coached me after I moved into a new role and was facing some significant challenges. I also knew that I needed to make some career changes but I wasn’t sure which direction to take.

His non judgemental, calm, supportive and natural intuition allowed me to feel at ease and have complete trust in the coaching relationship early on in our sessions. This made Philip very easy to talk openly to, making the sessions more effective.

As a consequence of working with Philip I was able to overcome some difficult challenges and obstacles at work and make some big career decisions. I also feel more confident and positive about managing my own life, both at work and personally.

I would highly recommend Philip to anyone looking for coaching and will certainly continue to have coaching with Philip when I need it throughout my career.


Lisa Bailey - Senior HR Business Partner

every minute used wisely

Philip helped me through a rough time at work, when my confidence was low following a big career disappointment.

He helped me move onwards and upwards, acknowledging the dip, but not dwelling on it. I learned to be more generous about myself, and subsequently have become more generous to others, and a better manager because of it.

Some of the work we did together was uncomfortable and challenging, some of it was exhilarating and empowering.

Philip’s coaching style is calm, direct, and searching. Every minute of the session is used wisely, and many of the techniques we used to approach some challenges will be in my toolbox for a lifetime.


Senior Editor


A supportive, challenging and thoroughly positive experience.


Business Development Manager


Philip was fully focused on coaching me to address my own challenges.

He didn’t tell me what to do and he didn’t presume he knew the answers, he led me through the steps of my own thinking, so that I could work out some solutions that best suited me.

My regular meetings with him were a terrific space in the middle of a busy day to do some proper thinking about improving my performance.


Deputy Controller, Radio 3

stands out from other coaches

Philip helped me to think about the bigger picture at a time when the business needed change.

More importantly, his style and approach enabled me to get to a list of actions, rather than simply just discussing options – something I feel stands him out from a lot of other business coaches.


Chris Simon - Director and Owner

calm and caring demeanour

I had a the pleasure of working with Philip for over a year.

I found his coaching style really suited me as a person and what I needed in terms of support and a productive sense of challenge to may thinking, approach to situations and a drive to develop clear solutions-focused plans of action.

Philip has a calm and caring demeanour, which made me feel completely comfortable being open with him and allowed me to get the best out of my sessions.

I would highly recommend Philip to anyone wishing to start a coaching journey.


Catherine Dickie - Business and Operations Director

challenging, perceptive, encouraging

I found Philip’s sessions extremely empowering. He has enabled me to highlight my strengths, and constructively pinpoint my weaknesses – to great effect.

His coaching style was by turns challenging, perceptive and encouraging.

The overall effect was to boost my confidence, allowing me to move to the next stage in my career.

He was then able to guide me through a period of significant change.


Senior Editor, Television News

highly recommended

Philip has a fantastic way of making you feel calm and able to discuss any problems you may be facing openly and honestly.

He helped me build my confidence and improve my ability to have difficult conversations at work without telling me what to do but by asking the right questions.

I left every session with a tangible goal or action to help overcome the challenge we had been discussing.

I would highly recommend Philip to anyone who thinks they may benefit from coaching.


Technical Project Manager, MyBBC

insightful and direct, never judgmental or intrusive

Philip was insightful and direct without ever being judgemental or intrusive – a very easy person to trust and talk to.

Philip certainly has a talent of knowing when to listen and when to challenge,and has taught me how to use reflective thinking in every aspect of my life.

Philip has helped me understand what importance I am prepared to give to my working life at the BBC and what to focus on going forward. If you get the chance to work with Philip – take it, you will not be disappointed.


Jon Taylor - Programme Director, East Bank Development

stands out from other coaches

Philip helped me to think about the bigger picture at a time when the business needed change.

More importantly, his style and approach enabled me to get to a list of actions, rather than simply just discussing options – something I feel stands him out from a lot of other business coaches.


Chris Simon - Director and Owner


Philip was great. It was such a positive experience for me all round. Philip was very professional and very astute.

I came away with a much clearer understanding of myself – and how others perceive me – and a number of clear strategies to help me focus on what’s most important and how to communicate in a really effective way.

It’s been transformative.


Cordelia - Commissioning Editor

helped me appreciate my good qualities

I liked Philip from our very first meeting and felt comfortable being myself with him and sharing my vulnerabilities.

He provided the right level of challenge and helped me see things from a different perspective in a kind yet constructive way. He has helped me appreciate and own my good qualities and where to develop further.

Coaching has had a significant impact on my effectiveness, I feel more comfortable, confident and assertive in my role. I have a fresh outlook on both my working and personal life.

The frequency of questioning myself has reduced and that has led to me having less self doubt. The re-framing of a variety of situations and the tools provided to aid me to take a different approach have helped me have more insight into my reactions and perceptions for the better.

Being able to discuss some difficult areas from my personal life with him honestly and without judgement has helped me realise more deeply their impacts but also to accept them for what they are and to move forward.

I feel more positive about my future (career and life in general) following our sessions. I am going to miss them, it’s good to be challenged.

I am very thankful to have had Philip as my coach.


Hannah McAtee - Financial Reporting Manager

gave me insight

Philip was excellent at providing a safe place to have open and frank conversations that gave me insight in to how I am and how I might need to change my approach.

This was my first experience of leadership development coaching so I did not know what to expect from it.

Thank you Philip for the work you did with me, it provided me with real clarity on the areas that I need to develop. I would highly recommend working with Philip.


Ross Cook – Head of Corporate Finance

trusting and safe environment

Philip helped me to approach my business challenges with confidence. His calm nature fostered a trusting and safe environment in which to constructively confront my shortcomings.

I came away with some solid tools and techniques to assist me in reaching my full potential as a manager and a leader.


Creative Director

invaluable support, recommend

Philip and I started working together at a transitional phase of my career. This was a difficult time for me as there was a lot of change and uncertainty. It was a testing time and brought up a lot of my insecurities.

Philip was an invaluable support at this time. I felt I could be very honest with him and there was no judgement. Coaching helped me to view my world from different perspectives and helped me navigate a rocky road.

I would highly recommend Philip as a coach.


Resourcing Business Partner

think different

I enjoyed my time with Philip. I always felt comfortable talking to him and he was able to encourage me to think differently about things.

I would certainly recommend others to be coached by him.


Business Systems Strategy Manager, Design and Engineering

non-judgemental and gently fearless

Philip asks the best questions and he does it in a way that is non-judgemental and gently fearless. He is so scrupulously fair minded, I found it easy to trust him and to be completely honest. I really enjoyed his more challenging questions because I knew they were designed to help me grow. And they did.

When we started working together, I was six months into a new role which I’d started during lockdown. There was so much to understand and the space for proper reflection Philip provided was invaluable. He always met me where I was and knew when to push me and when to let the learning to sink in.

I learned more from my sessions with Philip than any other leadership training I have done. I gained new insights and tools which I apply to my work most days.

I’ve developed a deeper confidence which I did not have before and which has made me feel much happier in my work.



Helen Grady

clear perspective

Philip helped me to step back and gain a clear perspective on the challenges I face.

He also encouraged me to explore and understand what was driving my feelings and beliefs, helping me better understand my role and responsibilities as a leader.

I always found I gained fresh insight after a session with Philip.


David Attfield - Head of Programme Legal Advice

a wonderful listener

I found Philip a wonderful listener, very easy to talk to and never judgemental. After six sessions I feel generally much calmer and more resilient, and able to cope with anything!

I can’t recommend coaching highly enough.


Editor, Radio 3