Fees – Executive, Leadership, and Transition Coaching

The competitive Coaching fees at Your Leadership Coach are based on a package of 10 hours of the Coaches time.

This relates to 1-2-1 Executive and Leadership Coaching for Corporate Clients.

All meetings and Coaching are via Zoom, Teams or FaceTime, and can be face-to-face.

Your 10 hours are arranged like this;

  • Getting to Know each other, this could be over a coffee if local to Nottingham and Contracting, where you get to understand how your coaching will work, agree some principles of working together, what the agreement includes, also your chance to ask more questions: 60 minutes
  • 3 way meeting* with your line manager, to agree the over-arching objectives for your coaching: 60 minutes
  • 7 coaching sessions, usually two or three weeks apart: 60 minutes each, you could opt for 90 minutes sessions and therefore fewer sessions, clients report the 90 minutes sessions can be helpful
  • Final 3 way meeting* with your line manager, this is a review meeting to reflect on your over-arching coaching objectives: 60 minutes

*for some Corporate Clients these sessions may not be applicable and are optional. If they are not taken the extra time forms two additional 60 minute coaching sessions, giving you 9 one hour Coaching sessions.

Executive and Leadership Coaching
10 hours as described above £2500.00, if you’d rather pay for one session at a time the price is £275.00 an hour. Additional hours pro rata.

Please read the Terms.