helped me appreciate my good qualities

I liked Philip from our very first meeting and felt comfortable being myself with him and sharing my vulnerabilities.

He provided the right level of challenge and helped me see things from a different perspective in a kind yet constructive way. He has helped me appreciate and own my good qualities and where to develop further.

Coaching has had a significant impact on my effectiveness, I feel more comfortable, confident and assertive in my role. I have a fresh outlook on both my working and personal life.

The frequency of questioning myself has reduced and that has led to me having less self doubt. The re-framing of a variety of situations and the tools provided to aid me to take a different approach have helped me have more insight into my reactions and perceptions for the better.

Being able to discuss some difficult areas from my personal life with him honestly and without judgement has helped me realise more deeply their impacts but also to accept them for what they are and to move forward.

I feel more positive about my future (career and life in general) following our sessions. I am going to miss them, it’s good to be challenged.

I am very thankful to have had Philip as my coach.