as if by magic

Philip had such a calming presence. At the beginning of every session he intuitively sensed that I needed time to centre myself, he gave me time to work through complex emotions and always found a way to gently lead me back to the objectives of the session.

He always managed to strike just the right tone and created an environment where I felt able to have really honest conversations and dig deep to unlock really empowering insights. I trusted Philip completely. He always asked all the right questions and challenged me firmly and with such clarity. I know he has worked very hard to be a good coach, but sometimes he seemed to do it almost as if by magic.

In every single session he led me to moments of such incredible clarity, I almost literally felt my mindset change and shift. This insight will travel with me for the rest of my life. I learned how to calm my mind during periods of pressure, and focus my mind and energies on making the most positive impact on the work and people around me. I am calmer, more resilient, more confident and more focused on building strong and honest relationships all thanks to coaching.